Sunday, 17 January 2021

Private Company Security Services



A FBI GROUP SECURITY is a technical company of fire burglary systems, call centers, ACCESS CONTROL systems as well as closed circuit surveillance digital recording and video transmission which having experience in the field since 1980, uses the most advanced technical means, and is now able to provide unique services. F.B.I GROUP SECURITY is oriented to the concept of “PROJECT” which monitors from the beginning to the end.

The quality objectives of the company are summarized as the following:

  • Systematic quality control EN ISO 9005 of products and services.
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Standardization of processes
  • Implementation of modern organizational chart with clear and defined responsibilities for all executives and staff

Our aim and vision

The aim of our company is the design, planning, supervision, equipment supply, installation, guidance and staff training in the use and maintenance Security systems, fire protection, explosive gas detection, CCTV, perimeter security, access control, energy management and Telematics applications. Our company follows a flexible and modern type of Administration in order to achieve its aims.

The completion of these objects, in accordance with applicable international and national regulations and in accordance with the technical specifications and rules of aesthetics, is our daily goal, thus ensuring the complete satisfaction of our client.

The Administrative and technical staff of our company, with its experience, knowledge, dedication and responsibility contribute to achieving the goals of our company.

Our vision is a company that enjoys the appreciation and recognition of all and carries out projects for which it can be proud and fully satisfied, applying the latest technology.

We undertake installations and we send products all over Greece.

The FBI Group Security is the holder of the special permit for private security services company operating from the Ministry of Public Order No. 3015/39/60/1143-d and allows our activity throughout the country

It covers almost all the prefectures of Greece. F.B.I GROUP SECURITY has collaborated and collaborates with major construction companies, offices that they trust F.B.I for major projects, which undertake.

Our company places great importance on human resources, for this reason we have managed to operate with complete teamwork and perfect synchronization.

The success of our company in the competitive public sector as well as the private, due to our continuous effort for projects which are characterized by consistency, quality and < after sale > support.


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